Thursday, January 17, 2013

CFAA reform, DOJ dodges GPS tracking, Aaron Swartz stories - best of today's tweets from @Cybercrimerev

Hacking into person's social media accts, impersonating them, & creating online petition to get person fired = arrest.

@HanniFakhoury @csoghoian @marciahofmann - Renaming #CFAA - suggestion: Law Catches up With Technology & Reality Act of 2013? #cybercrime

- Anyone with suggestions, feel free to tweet back, or comment on the blog

@MikeScarcella: Nightclub owner in landmark #GPS tracking case files new suit against authorities.
Jones goes Bivens!

“@TrendLabs: Have you ever wondered what cybercriminals do with stolen information?” - info=$$$ & lulz. #cybercrime

Cops use GPS to nab painkiller thieves by hiding trackers in bottles. #privacy #GPStracking #security

CIFAS 2012 Fraud Trends. Account takeover fraud up 53% from previous year. #cybercrime #infosec #privacy #PCI

Ethical Hacking: Should good intentions get special protection from prosecution? Good intentions≠ethical... #infosec

@verge - How we use GPS to track you is none of your business, says Department of Justice. Really? #privacy #GPS #doj

@volokhcom - The Criminal Charges Against #AaronSwartz (Part 2: Prosecutorial Discretion) - #cybercrime #cfaa #law


  1. Very interested to see how the Bivens tort goes.

    1. I am interested as well. Very hard case to win, in my opinion...