Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last week's tweets from @CybercrimeRev

Don't forget to follow Cybercrime Review on Twitter (@CybercrimeRev). Here are some of the stories we've tweeted about in the past week that we didn't discuss on the blog.
  • 92-year-old WWII vet sends bootlegged movies to American soldiers abroad
  • Germany's high court holds that phishing victims' losses are their own fault
  • Justice Department clears Google in Wi-Fi sniffing scandal
  • How to wipe your hard drive DoD-Clean
  • Employee snooping in IRS database: it’s like looking people up on Google or Facebook
  • The political effects of conflating separate meanings of "cybersecurity"
  • Facebook announces more than 901 million users
  • India now world's leading spam source


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