Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Social Media in the News

Social media has been getting (or causing) a great deal of news coverage recently. Here are a few things going on:

  • A Maine high school football coach accidentally posted a nude photo of himself on Facebook. It only appeared for 10 minutes, but the three-time state championship coach and middle school teacher still had to resign.
  • Just when you thought it was dead, MySpace claims to be adding 40,000 new users each day. Part of the influx is attributed to the site's new music player and an integrated Facebook app.
  • After a Tennessee man and woman removed one of their Facebook friends, the ex-friend's father shot both of them in the head. A search of the father's home revealed approximately 80 handguns.
  • A North Carolina father has received nearly 25 million views for this video he posted on YouTube. His daughter complained about her parents on Facebook, and her father responded by getting trigger happy with her laptop. Reaction has been varied.
A new website, PrivacyScore, rates websites based on user privacy. Site profiles let you know, among other information, how long your data is retained by the company.


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